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What is Painting with Us?

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Although we are not therapists, what we do is therapeutic! 

Therapeutic art is our approach to help improve a persons relationships and the issues that occur for people throughout their lives. This includes visual, music, writing and theatrics. Again, we are not "therapists" and in no way are we giving anyone medical advice--we are simply going to show individuals how to express themselves through different forms of creative art.

We are lovers of art who understand the benefits of what we do as an outlet for life’s many challenges. How do we know it works? Because we tap into these same therapeutic elements ourselves. And although there are more formal types of “therapy”, at Studio 305, we infuse the informal aspects of using art and other forms of creative expression to improve a persons problem-solving, self-esteem and overall social and emotional well-being--all while having fun!

Everyone leaves feeling like they have accomplished something NEW & GREAT -- each and every time!

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