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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that any questions you have were answered on our site here or somewhere; however, if you still need information, please contact us directly at (305) 785-2649.

  1. I heard the physical studio closed. Is this true? Yes. The physical location closed on October 31, 2021; however, our services are now in-home, business, or at select venues around town as private mobile events.   

  2. What if I want to rent your paint easels for a private party? Yes, you can. Go to here to find rates. 

  3. How to I make a reservation? Go to Private Event page and complete the quote request.

  4. Can I bring children to a private paint event? In your private events, you are can have guests of any age. 

  5. Can I have my own beverages or food? Of course, it is your party! 

  6. What will I be painting? A painting must be selected from our gallery, or a custom design can be requested, with advanced notice.

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