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June & July 2024


Meet V. Marie, the maestro behind the canvas and the orchestrator of unforgettable paint and sip experiences! With her passion for art and knack for entertainment, V. Marie brings creativity to life, guiding you through a colorful journey of painting and sipping, where every brushstroke unveils a world of fun and artistic delight.

Not only is V. Marie a proficient paint and sip event provider, but she is also a multifaceted creative dynamo. As an author, her words splash across pages, captivating readers with stories that resonate long after the final chapter. As an educator, she shares her artistic wisdom, nurturing budding talents and fostering a love for creativity in others. Beyond her professional endeavors, V. Marie is a devoted wife and mother, seamlessly blending her roles as a creative entrepreneur with the warmth and dedication she brings to her family life. Her ability to juggle these facets of her life showcases her as a true creative all-around, embodying passion, skill, and heart in everything she pursues.

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Experience the convenience and intimacy of our mobile paint and sip parties. Hosted at a location of your choice, these private gatherings offer personalized ambiance, flexibility in scheduling, and an exclusive, comfortable setting for you and your guests. Enjoy a tailored, unforgettable event with us.

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